Grab life and make some lemon aid.

I went from a 55 plus hour work week, eating fast food often, with no true exercising or weight lifting and no idea I was on the wrong track.  Life was cruising by and I appeared fine on the exterior but if you looked closely or from a distance.  You would notice that my neck was attempting to swallow my head.  Well I had starting getting healthy a few years earlier when I gave up smoking cigars that I had switched too when I quit cigarettes.  Don’t judge because I was building a foundation for a slow progress towards health and fitness. Life is learned by what you’ve seen and my family takes unhealthy to new levels although they all appear fine just like I did.  But now when I look at myself in pictures I cringe and everybody laughs when they see 40 extra lbs in my face.  I couldn’t quite see it but after my doctor basically said too much grease then I knew I had to adjust me diet. Stopping was especially hard when you’re talking about what fried food to eat next while your still eating fried food.  I miss those constant fries in my diet and I still mix in those fried pieces here and there but not anywhere near exhibit A, my drivers license.  Now if I indulge I make sure its perfect, normally a juicy burger or pizza and a few beers.

Sure, this is about being a dad too.  My kids have made me look at myself differently because I want them to know me, love me, and be a huge part of me.  So with a loss of a job, I had a window of an opportunity to build on that relationship.  I also had an opportunity to try to build a lifestyle that I could be proud of.  I had always had ideas for inventions, businesses, and different products so why not try to build a business too.  My wife continued working and handled the money making.  At times I was surprised at the support from my fantastic wife.  She is the one constant in my life when it comes to strength and I love her for that.  Men who stay at home, house dudes, know people who don’t understand, I know because I was one of them recently too.  Although, now I can’t find the words to express the happiness with my life’s path.  Sure, at times being a house dude who is trying to make believers out of people is complex.  Life is complex but it is also simple.  Being with my family, eating and living healthier, exercising, and building dreams together is the simple goal.  There are plenty of steps to travel still but do you know how you eat an elephant, one bite at a time.

Before any stay at home dad stuff started I had already begun running and mixing in some exercising with some calorie counting because I wanted to look and feel better.  Even though as recently as a few months earlier I had laughed at that notion and had no idea of the whole concept.  I never struggled with diets but changing one can be eye opening.  Let alone the commercials, billboards, and other advertising were screaming for me to rejoin the dark side.  But I wanted to lose a gut and feel better.  I never realized that exercising alone wasn’t going to lose these love handles and just eating better wouldn’t give my body a toned look.  What I realized is the eating is 80% of the solution, at least for me.  I personally can maintain my weight by exercising and going outside the eating healthy food lines but not lose weight.  Everybody can find their own happy path but choosing a path is a good first step.  I chose my path by building a new lifestyle without sacrificing anything of importance.  Spend more time with loved ones, feel good after running or working out early in the day, have a chance to build my own business ventures from real estate to building a health and fitness game for families.  Now, after losing 40 lbs, gaining muscle, confidence, and pulling out my true inner self.  Sure, everything in my life isn’t perfect to everyone but I’m not trying to impress anyone with perfection.  If you achieve perfection then what is next?  I still take steps forward everyday and sometimes you miss a step or even lose one.  Thinking positive, trying to maintain my lane, and keep my eye on the prize.