Time to change the way we sit and play. Turning board games on their heads.

Time to change how we play games.

I had the idea to make a board game for families that revolved around health and fitness. But the traditional board game idea wasn’t the direction I was headed. I wanted to turn board games on their head. When you play a board game or cards the main thing you do is sit. You sit and wait for you turn and repeat until there is a winner. The idea we have is┬ámore about being up on your feet, being extremely active, using your creativity and learning without realizing it. The game was designed to be played outside or inside but not sitting down. All people do is sit down now a days. I struggle myself when it comes to working on the computer, eating, watching television and everything else that involves sitting down. People aren’t designed to sit all the time. Read any study and they will all tell you that sitting is basically one of the worst things you can do to yourself.

Sitting hurts more than just your butt.

Now I know everyone sits and I’m not saying you shouldn’t sit. I just realize that a sedentary life is truly unhealthy. With knowing that and the fact that all board games are basically played with your butt glued to a chair. I started to develop a game that would work differently that all the rest. Now I have played plenty of games in my life from when I was younger to now a days with my children. Or video games when I was a teen to card games with adults and on and on. But they all basically relied on people sitting around and maybe even eating some snacks along with playing the game. Why not have a few games that involve physical activity, thinking, and using your creativity?

Now some things change but much remains the same. You still keep score and there is a winner. But with an active game everyone truly comes away a winner because they’re exercising their minds and bodies. This simple idea has blossomed into a dream for me. I will keep going until this dream is in the hands of people who it can help. As I look at the world I live in and I know that this can be a stepping stone to get off the couch, chair or desk and get your body moving. Soon Snag the flag the game will be able to help get you off your butt.


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