Turning health and fitness into a game for kids.

Several years ago I was unhealthy, overweight, working long hours and was just punching in and out everyday while life was passing me by. An unfortunate event led me to step back and analyze my path up to this date. I liked my path! My kids and wife were on this path and so were my friends and family. I realized they could stay on my path but I could make my path better. I could clean it, plant flowers, pave the path and many other ideas. Then people could enjoy it even more. So I decided to go ahead and start making it more enjoyable for myself and anybody in my life.

The first steps if you follow this blog then you will know that I brought healthy food and exercise into the fold in my life. Which rolled over into my wife’s life and my children began learning the value of health and fitness. But I wasn’t happy with teaching just my inner circle because I wanted to help everybody I could. So I kept eating healthy and exercising while my brain searched for a way to unleash what I’ve learned on families. I knew I wanted to teach kids and their parents about health and fitness. So one night my wife and I, mostly her had the break through idea. A large game board similar to twister that you walk on and do what it says whether it is fitness activities or trivia questions. There where lose a space, go ahead, go back and all the others. This was the original jumping off point.

That was a year ago. The project has changed and morphed into something completely different but the core idea remained intact. The key idea was to teach about health and fitness by making it a game. My thought was kids and parents wouldn’t realize they had just exercised and learned something new about their body but just had fun and laughed their butt off. With the state of people’s bellies now a days from young to old it was time for a new approach. If a simple game could help people understand different health diseases and how to prevent them. Or how being active can make you feel better. These are the ideas that make the game truly original. Most board games or family games involve sitting and some more sitting and maybe eating a bag of chips. We wanted to try something new and we haven’t completely finished the task yet but we are close.

The game design has changed and it is in a final form now. Next it will be printed and tested again to make sure it is the best it can be. The idea is strong and people are healthier now more than ever. So I hope they will give it a try once it’s unveiled.


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