Healthy lifestyle turns into Kickstarter campaign.

First, time to discover my healthy side.

So I began to get healthy two years ago. I started by learning how to count calories and eat food that is meant to be eaten. Sure the bean or quinoa burgers, sautéed kale, tempeh and all the other unique food I dragged out to the dining room table weren’t always my families first choice. Sure my family didn’t love every meal I brought out but they enjoyed most. I considered it building up important knowledge for my families future. They learned what type of healthy foods by guessing what were the ingredients and I realized that they would eat healthier foods if you used your creativity when preparing meals. It was fun to find crazy, exotic dishes and spices to add new layers to your taste buds experiences.

Second, I find fitness is fun.

Soon after realizing the importance of healthy eating I started to exercise regularly. I knew they should be done together to get the best results for achieving goals that had been set. We started with some walking then running a mile then two and there were days that I felt like my chest would cave in and my heart was beating too fast. There were times that my body felt like it wouldn’t turn that corner but I kept my feet moving in the right direction. We busted out the old roller blades, fixed the flat bike tires, pumped up the basketball and found all the families favorite parks in my area. Now I had ramped up my exercising habits by adding strength training, HIIT training and others. But the key was going walk, bike ride, or whatever activity with my family after dinner. So I was teaching them with preaching. I enjoyed this and wanted to help other families become healthier in the kitchen, their body and in their mind.

Next, finding a way to bridge the gap.

To achieve this would seem impossible to most but I kept thinking how would it be possible. What could I do to help families, kids and adults find a healthy lifestyle. As I thought I realized I would play games with the kids like guess what ingredients are in this dinner or fitness challenges outside. Most of those were my 6 year son’s ideas like racing, playing tag and acting like spies. I had fun playing silly games and then my outside the box idea hit me. It would be awesome to design a game that would teach anyone health and fitness by intertwining information with humor and fun action. The idea hit me like a ton of bricks or feathers. I knew this was the path for me and I began to work on the idea. Now I started chasing the dream one day at time, one step back at a time and overcoming every obstacle. I continued to eat healthy, exercise regularly and work on my fitness game. Everyday I make inroads and I’m happy with the direction my life is headed. Soon the game will be available and it will be making a difference to families lives.



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