Steps towards making a dream REAL.

Two steps forward and a couple backwards.

I am moving a little backwards here. I have spent the last two years working on myself, family and lifestyle. I have to say that I am a dreamer. That can be a good quality or when it comes to money not always the best. I began transforming myself two years ago. First, I lost over 50 lbs, quit unhealthy habits and began to put family first. My dream is to become the person I know I am capable of becoming. That dream began to become a reality for my family and myself when I stopped chasing the same day-to-day living and doing for someone else other than my family and self. I still struggle with self-esteem, being positive and not getting too sidetracked in life’s obstacles. So I want to tell you the story of how I began pursuing my own path in life.

First, I began to fix my own demons. That meant getting healthier by exercising and eating the right foods. In my journey I’ve learned a great deal from macro and micro nutrients, good calorie dense foods, strengthening the body, proper sleep, being positive and a whole host of other topics. I also began to visualize a future where my family was on a healthy upward trend and I would help other families pursue the same end result. Now I’m still patching and repairing myself daily and that will always be a constant. You have to keep on keeping on or like others before myself you will get pulled back into old habits.

Second, I began my next quest. I wanted to build something that could help other people who were like me. What could I do to help them? I thought about that question constantly. I knew there was a way I could leave an impression on someone else. I weighed my strengths and figured out where my niche would be and how I could make it happen. So with that I realized I was a creative writer who was silly acting. Then boom, with all that thinking came a thought bubble. I wanted to make an educational fitness game that incorporated silly fun that all kids would love playing. I didn’t have a clue how to do it but I at least knew what direction I wanted to go. Now all the hard parts to follow.


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