A fitness game – building a game that is fun, exciting and original.

Time to start something meaningful.

I have changed my lifestyle. From the eating and exercising habits from not only myself but my family as well. Something changed inside myself about two years ago. I decided that I wanted to become a better version of myself. So I began to count calories, watch what I ate and run a couple miles here or there. But that wasn’t even the big change. I also started to realize I had a passion for fitness and lifestyle choices. I read articles about how unhealthy kids and people are in the US. With all the information about what wrong and how to change it, I decided that I would also throw my two cents in as well.

So I kept thinking that I could make a game that could teach kids and families about health and fitness by making it fun. The key would be that the kids wouldn’t realize that this was a learning game but it was just a fun, silly, fast paced action game. With that I began brainstorming different ideas to get this going. There were trivia games online and others at your local supermarket or toy store, there were games involving some level of activity or exercise and there were games were you used your imagination. But there wasn’t a game that included all these different areas. Not only wasn’t there a game but most of the games available didn’t play up the fun card enough. With my idea the game would incorporate all these different areas plus more.

The thought was now in my head and I couldn’t shake it. I truly had no idea of which way to go but I just started moving forward and hoped everything would shake out in the end. I did have a plan but it was strung together extremely loosely. All I knew is that I wanted to make something that could have change the way families, parents and kids learn about health and fitness. I wanted to make it fun and exciting. So that is what I began doing. I had a long uphill battle and I’m still nowhere near the end!


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