101 Fitness and food activities for families. Time to put family health first.

Who will teach your family about health and fitness? Who will show them easy ways to make both of them fun and family friendly? You will need to be that person. Learning the correct ways for your family, leading by example and showing how important health and fitness are in their lives. If you can’t think of activities, games, or ideas than you came to the right page because we have 101 of them listed below.

Start with the ground work, make learning a game, and try something new.

  1. Teach how eating healthy can prevent problems like heart disease, diabetes and cavities.
  2. Find your food style and discus. Do you plan ahead, grab and go, or skip meals?
  3. Teach about calories in and calories out. Never too young to learn the basics.
  4. Teach kids about my food plate, portion sizes and different food groups.
  5. Talk about the importance of exercising. Everyone  activity to do per week.
  6. Find all the free, local, play areas like pools, bike parks, tennis courts, and trails.
  7. Teach about the rainbow of food. All the different colors of fruits and veggies
  8. Help prepare lunch for school or work that has whole grain, fruits, and veggies.
  9. Water. Play a fun fact learning game about wonderful water.
  10. Teach about whole foods verse processed foods. Everyone can give an example of each.
  11. Learn different cooking methods, like steaming, microwaved, baking, frying etc.
  12. Discuss what make food healthy with the family.
  13. Wellness Wednesday. Make it a weekly event in your house.
  14. Meatless Mondays. Try one day a week. Learn about plant proteins like nuts, beans, lentils, soy products and others that can make meatless meals easy.
  15. Learn food labels. This can be fun when you go to the grocery store. Make it a game.
  16. Learn where the healthy aisles and unhealthy aisles are in the grocery store.
  17. Find an activity that each person in your group enjoys and feels good doing.
  18. Teach them how to keep busy by walking, tapping their foot, or fidgeting.

Everyone pitch in, work together and make healthier, happier living easily achieved.

  1. Grocery games. Everyone go to the supermarket together.
  2. Help with planning your meals. Everyone can pick a meal they like for the week.
  3. Help with budgeting for food for the week.
  4. Help plan your next family vacation or trip.
  5. Find a reason to celebrate together.
  6. Everyone keep track of what they ate and exercised for one day during the week. Then the family votes who had the healthiest day.

In the house

  1. Do chores around the house to free up more family time. You can vacuum, sweep, or clean your room or game closet.
  2. Wash the windows, floors, walls, than dust shelves and more.
  3. Help do the dishes. Washing, drying, putting away or loading/unloading dishwasher.
  4. Help do laundry. Teach the proper techniques but make it fun or rewarding.

In the kitchen

  1. Turn your family into assistant chefs. All you do is simply ask them if they’ll help.
  2. Make your own snacks from different health foods.
  3. Help cut up veggies and fruits.
  4. Make a healthy dessert like strawberries dipped in dark chocolate.
  5. Make food that looks like a different food. An example would be a food that looks like a hot dog but is actually a dessert or a meatball that is made from fruits or nuts.
  6. Quiz them on what are some of the saltiest, fattest or greasiest foods they can think of and what would be a better, healthier option.
  7. Take a cooking or knife skills class.
  8. Cook one new recipe or a new type of food each week.
  9. Game of guess which food are nutritious or not.
  10. Guess what is in dinner so they understand different types of foods.

Play with your food

  1. Design and build art with your food. Use all the food that is unhealthy if you can, ha.
  2. Create a family cookbook by taking pictures and writing down the methods.
  3. Smelling spices game. Have kids smell before you use and see if they can guess what spice.
  4. Guess what spices go with what type of cuisine like Asian, Mexican, Italian, or Indian.
  5. Fun fact night. Talk about something unique about a type of food, fitness, or
  6. I bet you won’t game. Dare the group or someone to eat something or try a fitness move.
  7. Food or exercise name alphabet game. Start with A’s and give them a name like Alice the Apple/athlete then B is for Boris the broccoli/bouncer. Next player keep it going through Z.
  8. Road trip food memory alphabet game. Start by saying I went on a trip and I brought an apple. The next player then says the first word and make a b-word like banana and keep going.
  9. Keep your grocery store newspaper ad and cut out or point to the healthy and non-healthy foods. Everyone can say yay or nay.
  10. Make your own sparkling water by using fruits and berries.

Fun, Fun, Fun

  1. Have a Nerf gun or squirt gun fight or water balloon war and use your spy skills.
  2. Putt-putt, batting cages, or laser tag at a local amusement center.
  3. Pillow fight or use the couch cushions to make a safe jumping zone.
  4. Collect rocks, flowers, or even sticks on your walk and use them in a project.
  5. Play a flexible twister game. Be creative or just use the game twister.
  6. Play Simon says, follow the leader, or any active game.
  7. Have a dance party.
  8. Build a fort inside the house or outside.
  9. Wrestle. Can be with your arms, legs, thumbs, or whatever type you decide.
  10. Play a guessing game by acting like an animal, place or thing.

In the backyard

  1. Play tag, hide and seek, red rover, and any other active game.
  2. Play hopscotch, four square, or any other jumping game.
  3. Chase bubbles all over the yard and see who can pop the most.
  4. Go to a trampoline park or use anyone you can find.
  5. Slip and slide contest or just sliding.
  6. Jump rope routines for the whole family.
  7. Fly a kite.
  8. Plant a flower, herb, or vegetable garden right in your own yard.
  9. Rake leaves, cut grass, weed whack, and all the other yard tasks.
  10. Take out the trash.
  11. Recreate your own backyard Olympics.
  12. Build a fitness course.
  13. Play catch in the yard with a Frisbee or any ball.
  14. Wash the car.
  15. Go explore your yard for frogs, toads, insects, and anything else you can find in your own yard.

In the community

  1. Explore all your local playgrounds.
  2. Go to local farmers market.
  3. Find your local trails and go walk, bike, or run with family, friends, or pets.
  4. Find your local community center, YMCA, and other clubs in your area.
  5. Go for walk then have a picnic at a local park.
  6. Visit farms near where you live in pick blueberries, pumpkins, apples, bananas, oranges or nuts.
  7. Running in an event. Raise money and awareness for kids while helping a good cause.
  8. Play Pokemon go.
  9. Try disc golf or another new activity like Geo caching.


  1. Use a pedometer. Everyone can keep track and see who walks the most.
  2. Commercial time workout. When your show goes to commercial get up and bust a move.
  3. Play video game consoles like a Sony move, Nintendo Wii, or Microsoft Kinect that keep you active while playing the games.
  4. Make an exercise video or cooking video.
  5. Find healthy apps to teach about exercise and nutrition.
  6. Turn off the electronics. Try one night a week.


  1. Sports with balls like basketball, soccer, baseball or softball, bowling, football, golf, volleyball, tennis, badminton, and many others.
  2. Dancing, cheer leading, or pom-pom.
  3. Track and field
  4. Winter sports like skiing, ice skating, snowboarding and hockey.
  5. The great outdoors activities like canoeing, kayaking, hiking, climbing trees, chopping wood, and tubing, skiing or wake-boarding behind a boar.
  6. And all the others not mentioned like rowing, swimming, diving, fencing, karate, wrestling, gymnastics, etc.

Winter Wonderland, wheels and wonderful extra steps is last but not least.

  1. Have fun in the snow by making a snowman, sculpture, snow angel, having a snowball fight or sledding.
  2. Go for a ride on something with wheels like a skateboard, scooter, bike or roller-blades.
  3. Take the stairs, park far out in the grocery store or help your neighbor.
  4. Adopt a park, highway, or beach and keep it clean.
  5. Homemade equipment like sock or yarn balls, or pine-cones for balls and sticks for baseball bats. You can use sponges and soak them with water and have battles.

These are a few ideas and you can think of a lot more. The key is to be creative in the house and out of the house. Find something that works and stick with it. Or you can always find something new as well. As long as your learning and making life better than keep it up!


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