7 tips to start going meatless once a week. It’s easier than you would believe.

hot-dog-1668141In my family heart disease is a problem and its worse in my wife’s family. I’m sure you know somebody in your family who struggles with diseases because of what they eat. It is not all meats fault because sugars, fats, and salts are equally involved. But why else would people get diseases such as these? I know we should exercise more but I think it’s probably even more elated to the food we plow through daily and the beverages we consume. I’m no genius here but I think everybody knows what is good for you and what is crap. Now I love perfect steak with all the juices and grill marks, its delicious. I’m not saying to go vegan or vegetarian unless your path goes that route. All this article is saying is by replacing some of those meat meals with some veggie meals that taste and feel as good or better. You can accomplish this goal a lot easier than you would have dreamed possible. Just imagine all the great benefits this simple concept can have on yourself, family, and the entire planet. On top of those amazing facts you will also save money. So why not give it a shot? Here are 7 helpful tips to get you on your way.

7 meatless steps to make you forget            about your meat manic pal.


1 – Think with your health mind first.

When you begin with your first meatless day you don’t eat fries, donuts, or pizza. The meatless meals you prepare should not consist of more junk. You could eat healthy meals with meat and be better than fast foods. You will keep trotting down unhealthy lane with those eating habits. So when you go take that first step with your meatless Monday dinner make it a solid nutritional step. Go with whole wheat grains, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, and marvelous beans and legumes. These can pack just as much protein and they are nutrient rich like no other. Should be easy to switch out a day a week at first with so many options to explore.

2 – Make a plan, Stan.

I can give you first hand examples of the health reasons and why you should switch up your eating habits. The main switch is your going meat light and veggie heavy. Boom, that is the miracle! Add those veggies into the mix. You know the ones you’ve never tried. Go to the grocery store and actually go through the veggies and fruit section without buying only potatoes. Think about what you’re going to need and make a plan. Fruits for smoothies and snacks, types of greens for salads, old-fashioned oatmeal, new seasonings and all the veggies. Search around and find some exciting new ideas that are simple with only a few whole, natural ingredients and make it outstanding.

3 – Assemble your team and pump them up!

Whoever is in your life, whether it just one or a whole team, they can be helpful. They can catch a free ride to healthy meat-free Mondays or any day. It can be twice as hard when your whole crew is munching like Homer Simpson all around you. Getting them on board will keep you chugging right along. The key is to become excited and hopefully everyone will follow suit. At first you may have to fake it, but sooner than later you will make it. Continue with your kid in a candy store enthusiasm for cooking up new creative concoctions. Then the team and yourself will be on your way to victory.

4 – Find your foods

So on those days when you go meatless what will keep you full? How am I going to replace the meat sandwiches I used to eat everyday? What about bacon and ham on Saturday and Sunday mornings and so on. Well this was just about going meatless one day and if you want more than that than we say great. You can decide how much or how little meat you want in your life. As far as replacing your daily meats, just lean into your beans, nuts, and greens because they are protein powerhouses. Eggs are also high in protein and can be utilized in hundreds of ways. You may venture into tofu land, lentils, mushrooms, and any bean or vegetable  can can be turned into anything. Find new ways to blend, chop, smash, grind your veggie and add a little of this than voila. If you dive in real deep into no meat land then you will need to add in some B12 through fortified nut milks or supplements. Remember to think outside the box and find simple swap outs from your favorite recipes. These replace meats with veggies can work for any time of the day, any meal, and you’ll be surprised at the results. You will be shocked how you can make a meaty meatball, loaf, or a soup that tastes like meat is in it. If there is a too wild-looking ingredient then close your eyes while you eat and taste the food because that is what matters and not how it looks.

5 – Cook, prepare, and make it marvelous at home on the cheap.

Finding the easiest way to start your no meat days can be hard but you will find your lane. A few easy ideas would be to prepare salad, soups, or get your dried beans ready to toss into dinner meals. Chop up some veggies with some water and a few seasonings in the crock pot for the day. Cook some oatmeal with apples in there too. Throw some eggs, spinach and cheese in a muffin tin and freeze them for later. You can find all these inexpensive ingredients all around to make food before hand. Then will you have the urge to snack besides grabbing the standby fruit go for a salad already made. By cooking beans, freezing fruits, making dressings, salads, and soups beforehand will make it easy to step up into a healthier lifestyle. Plus when you have all this good food you will have leftovers and then you let your creativity flow and make your weekly veggie meatloaf from scraps.

6 – Save money, the planet, your taste buds and life.

Okay so meat producing in America has guidelines but what about other countries? I don’t know if it’s the most strict industry. A lot of our meat comes from who knows where and I think they are even making man-made meat now a days. Plus feeding these animals is not an easy undertaking. Feeding and watering cows alone not counting the green house gases, pollution, use of land and this is just one animal. The amount of energy required is staggering from clear cutting forests. This doesn’t even cover the fishing industry and any other problems. The truth is eating meat is normal but by reducing the amount you consume you will be helping your wallet, planet, and all of humanity. You could even grow a garden and harvest nature’s bounty yourself. So why not try going meatless one day a week. You’ll be saving your health, the environment, and possibly an animal.

7 – Join the dark green side of the force.

People around the world from religious leaders, great thinkers, ultra athletes, and of course celebrities have been going green for a while. You can do your part too and join the dark green force. Having meat should be special and when you do it shouldn’t cover two-thirds of your plate. After all you’re not a lion. Most third world countries don’t consume meat very often and I’m not saying to live like your below poverty. But realize what it takes to get that steak to your plate and maybe choose a day to skip it. If you want to step up your meatless day then go ahead and do it. I started with one day and it turned into two, three, and now most of the week. I still eat it but now I can appreciate the lovely, green world and all it has to offer. So dive into the unexplored section of your grocery store, make it fun, and keep stepping it up. Hopefully, this guide can kick off a healthier, happier, and more eye-opening experiences in life. Grab your creative side, find your own path, and enjoy life’s bounty.


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