Beginners guide to start exercising – 10 steps to get you going.

man-641691When you were younger you were always running, riding a bike, swimming, walking and playing sports with my friends. Then time started to fly by and soon you were married with kids or working long hours. You were busy and weren’t dedicating any time to take care of your body. Well that is if you were like me and let things slide. Then before you knew it you were struggling to open a jar of pickles, running a short distance, or any type of exercise.

For me, I had always looked thin but for the first time I realized I was now obese with the other 33 percent of the US’s population. I didn’t see it happening but it sneaked up on me and if I think about it, I had become what I ate. My neck was gelatinous, my thighs had stretch marks, and my belt had a few new holes. My family didn’t care about what I looked like and I wasn’t searching for any answers yet. Then I had a realization, well I knew it all along. I wasn’t looking my best and it was time to eliminate some chins, rolls, and time to see my feet again. It was time begin exercising!

So what are some easy simple steps to get you chugging down the health road. Well as you know eating clean, whole foods and exercising is key to living a long, happy life. For today, I will cover the exercising aspect and you can read about the 10 ways to start eating healthier after you finish the 10 ways to start exercising.

Drum roll……..

1.) Knowing that exercising, working out and physical fitness is key to being healthier, happier, and living longer. So by acknowledging how important fitness is then you have begun the process. Everything has to start somewhere and believing that fitness is crucial is a good first step.

2.) Now that you want to exercise you have to evaluate how fit you are? This will determine what, how, when and all the other questions about beginning your fitness quest. You may even want to consult a doctor first. In the beginning start with very, easy exercises and stretches to find your baseline or your fitness level. With any new exercise program will come goals that you set for yourself. My advice is to set small goals at first, get a few exercises under your belt while starting low and slow. Develop habits that you can keep for a lifetime and don’t get burned out in the first week. Know to stay within your limits.

3.) Focus on what you like about yourself and not worry about huge changes in the mirror or fitting into your old clothes. Focus on the small goals you’ve set and be happy with them. If you have unrealistic goals then you will be unhappy with the results. So enjoy and appreciate how you are doing and not where you want to be. You can take some selfies or take a few measurements so you can track your progress through out your journey. But don’t worry about short-term goals but think about your overall health in a long-term aspect.

4.) Knowing terminology about exercising. There are so many definitions about working out that it can confuse someone new to it. A few words you may hear would be cardio, aerobic or cardiovascular activity. They are activities like walking, swimming, running, or anything that temporarily raises your heart and breathing rate. This leads into your maximum heart rate which is your age subtracted from 220.

Another group of activities would be strength training, resistance training, body weight exercises, and weight training. These exercises are aimed at improving your strength with activities like push-ups, bench presses, or other weight lifting moves. You will have reps and sets.  A rep is a repetition of each exercise and a set is when you have finished all the reps. An example would be 10 reps of bicep curls equals one set.

Stretching, cooling down, and warm-ups are also used in exercise and they are another area to focus on. Warming up means a light activity to get you ready and cool down is done at the end of your workout to slow your heart rate. Stretching goes hand in hand with both of these. Now you’re all caught up!

5.) It’s time to get the look down and act the part. It’s also helpful to have the correct gear that fits you good and gives you confidence. Whether you need running shoes, a new tennis racket, some fitness apps, a heart rate monitor or a sweet, new windbreaker you are buying into exercising. It doesn’t matter what sport or activity you are doing but by getting something for it you are taking it seriously. Buy those work-out dvds, spandex pants, or whatever it is that you feel good in and get cracking.

6.) Okay so you’ve begun to dip your toe into the water and set some easy goals. Next, you should find an activity that you can stick with. You may need to try one exercise like running and love it or you will try a whole bunch and constantly change your routine. By finding a workout that you enjoy it will make it easier to get up and do it when you don’t want to. To find your favorite exercise just keep trying new ones and who doesn’t want to find new things to do. You can hike, bike, run, or play basketball. Or try something even more adventurous because you never know what you like if you’ve never even tried.

7.) Now it’s time to make it a habit. I am always saying anytime is a good time to exercise and I do believe that statement is true. It’s best to get in a groove when it comes to your fitness. Finding that perfect time that is best for your life will make it easier to keep it up. Whether you wake up first thing in the morning, workout at lunch, or go to the gym after work. Once it becomes a routine then you can keep checking off the boxes. Next thing it will become second nature and you’ll be ready to go.

8.) Don’t forget to take your rest days. There will be times that you don’t have it or are having a bad day. So instead of stressing your body out any more and pushing too hard. Instead, lie on the ground for an hour and focus on breathing or anything to relax. Or just go for a walk with a friend and have a good chat. Once you see some great results you will want to go gung-ho. By giving your muscles time to repair themselves they will come back even stronger. Many fitness gurus loathe the idea of taking a day off but even the most hardcore realize the importance of a day off.  So why not take that day off  and kick back while enjoying the new fit you.

9.) Make it fun with variety. I know exercising can be boring. Running the same route everyday, lifting the same weights in your basement, or doing the same stretching routines. At this point you can make little changes like running different distances and speeds each time or with different people. You can involve your family and go on bike rides, rollerblading, or walks together. Finding different exercise routines online is easy and you could find enough to do something unique everyday. By making it fun that will help keep you engaged. The longer you stick with it the better your personal results will be.

10.) Find some pals and step it up. Now that you know all the ins and out of exercising. It’s time to find some like-minded individuals who like you are fitness gurus. With a few months of slowly stepping it up its time to go to the next level. So grab your new fitness crew and push yourself to new heights. You don’t need a crew to raise your level of commitment, passion, and desire to achieve new goals but they could help. You really don’t need anything other than yourself to unlock your true potential. So lets see you tap into your inner engine and blow past all your expectations.




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